Thursday, November 12, 2015

iPhone Battery Replacement (part 1 of 2)

Do you have an iPhone? If you do, then you’re probably concerned about battery replacement. You see, the Apple iPhone’s battery cannot be replaced by the user. The battery is located inside the stylish gadget. Users can’t simply take out the battery and purchase a new one; they still need to send the iPhone to Apple Store just to have the batteries replaced.

Consumers are frustrated about the battery replacement issue of their iPhone but they can’t do anything about it. Developers of the iPhone are still trying to come up with effective ways to expand the gadget’s capabilities, including the removable battery. Hackers are also on the move because they want to find out how to switch the batteries of the iPhone without going through the usual process provided by Apple.

Most of the very first customers who purchased the iPhone were unaware that the batteries are not replaceable. They were simply attracted by the iPhone’s crossbred iPod and cell phone features, internet-capable device, and digital camera. Apple was able to post about the battery replacement procedure on its official site after the products were already sold in the market. Apple iPod players and the iPhone follow similar procedures when it comes to battery replacement.

Apple has its battery service provider where the consumers can have their iPhone batteries replaced. The whole process takes 3 business days and the service cost is over $70 plus the shipping cost of &6.95. So you see, you will not be able to use your iPhone for three days.

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