Friday, November 6, 2015

Early Introduction To Dressmaking (part 1 of 2)

Dressmaking can be a wonderful bonding activity for parents and children because it nurtures creativity and resourcefulness in both parties. Unfortunately, most children are not into dressmaking because the parents themselves do not encourage them to indulge in the craft.

If taught early, dressmaking could bring so many advantages to children. Aside from encouraging them to be creative, dressmaking also teaches these kids skills such as drawing. It also inspires them to make their own creations and will make them more aware about the independence they can get from this wonderful activity.

Teaching children the beauty of dressmaking

If you are a parent who is into dressmaking and would like your child to join you while you're doing the craft, you must first show him or her the beauty of dressmaking. You can do this by slowly introducing the child into the craft starting with the dressmaking tools, patterns that can be used, different designs, color scheme and selection, types of fabric, and accessories that can be used in sewing clothes, bags, and other items.

When you're teaching a child to sew, make sure that you explain the purpose and advantages of sewing. Explain how she or he can benefit from it and what are the different creations the child can produce. You can also let the child watch you when you sew to tickle his or her curiosity and try the craft by himself. When you are demonstrating the craft, make sure that you are confident with your work, and are ready to answer all the questions the child might have.

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