Sunday, October 25, 2015

Home Exchange – More Random Tips (part 1 of 2)

Home exchange, the relatively new phenomenon of swapping residences for a period of time by two travelers who want to go to the other’s place, is getting to be more and more popular these days. Judging by the proliferation of home exchange groups who facilitate these transactions, it seemed like the good idea had caught on.

Aside from the big savings in accommodations, swapping residences brings with it some fun, loads of adventure, and surprises one normally miss out staying in bland expensive hotels.

But finding your ideal swap mate can be difficult and tedious at times. And even if matters and issues have already been resolved and implemented, problems can still arise. As one old-timer says, a successful home exchange is a healthy combination of chemistry, flexibility, honesty, clear communication and some luck.

Checking, comparing and trying out some of the following random tips and guidelines might give both would-be guests and would-be hosts some help.

Communication is Key
Would-be exchange partners would do well if they are clear and accurate about the offer of their homes in the listing. Be honest but be polite. If your home is not child-proof, telling the other party would save time and effort right from the start. Both can move on and check out other would-be partners.

Partner with people of similar lifestyles
 Offer to exchange with others who share a similar lifestyle or interest such as yours. An exchange where the homeowners and guests share a hobby has been known to lead to long-term friendships.

Your teenagers might also be more receptive to traveling with you if they can meet and hook up with others their age, even if they have different cultures.

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